Newfoundland born, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Brad Fillatre celebrates the release of his debut solo EP, For Your Weakness which is officially released in stores and online today. Download the new EP on iTunes.

In support of this new release, Brad will be touring both Ontario and the Maritimes this fall and will kick things off with a CD release show on Wednesday evening, October 17, 2012 at Drake Underground in Toronto.

Newfoundland born, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Brad Fillatre will see his debut solo effort, For Your Weakness released on October 16th, 2012 through Sparks Music/Universal Music Canada. It is Fillatre’s first release since the 2009 album with his critically acclaimed band, The Evelyn Room. For Your Weakness marks a transition away from the Corner Brook band’s alternative rock sound.

Fillatre spent much of his early life traveling with his family as they tended to their funeral business. Dark forests, rugged terrain and the North Atlantic coastline of Newfoundland are the backdrop for this new album about life, love and loss. The effect of the vast emptiness and harsh climate of Canada’s grittier east coast made a lasting impression on Fillatre. As he explains, the “environment is magical and foreboding. It casts energy that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.”

A similar thing can be said of the energy that For Your Weakness evokes in its listeners. The EP entrances with its quiet and contemplative tones woven from a distant voice, a heavy beat and a variety of strings both electric and acoustic. By drawing on a vast and eclectic collection of influences that include Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, U2, and Ryan Adams, Fillatre blends the folk/pop genre with signature east coast tradition for a unique musical experience. His songwriting has been compared to artists such as Radiohead and Sigur Ros.

In support of the October 16th release of For Your Weakness, Brad Fillatre will be touring both Ontario and the Maritimes. See below for complete listings.