News included The Spoons release, Arias & Symphonies among the 14 Greatest Canadian Music Moments Ever! It is quite an the honour to be included in this list. The Spoons are amongst some amazing moments in Canadian music history!

The Burlington band’s second album was released in 1982. Although new wave had already been around for a few years, Arias & Symphonies played a pivotal role in defining the genre in Canadian music. –


Spoons - Arias & Symphonies (30th Anniversary)

No better time to get your hands on a Special 30th Anniversary reissue edition which celebrates the release of this important record from the new romantic/new wave ’80’s band. The remastered and expanded version of Arias & Symphonies (30th Anniversary) the classic 80’s album contains new liner notes, rare photos and bonus live tracks.

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Janieta Eyre, the internationally acclaimed photographer whose work is featured in the JF Robitaille video “Black and White” is launching, INCARNATIONS, her first book spanning the artist’s seven major series dating from 1993 to 2013.

INCARNATIONS showcases and celebrates the theatricality and carnivalesque abandon that has become the hallmark of Eyre’s portraits. The book was edited by Suzanne Zelazo, the same editor who edited and curated JF Robitaille’s book “Minor Dedications“.

For additional information about the launch party, visit the Facebook event page.

Janieta Eyre

Janieta Eyre

For your viewing (and sharing) pleasure, the video for “Cry Baby Cry” from Brad Fillatre.

Credits and thanks you to the following:

Lead: Moussa Tabcharani
Hand: Renald Nadeau
Director: Andrew Hamilton
Producer: Danielle Villalon
Director of Photography: Dennis Grishnin
ACs: Matt Levin Gold and Sarah Simone
ADs: Olivia Leung and Shane Narain
Art Director: Allison Zwicker
MUA: Nicole Soo
PAs: Ryan Flannery

A short video teaser for Brad Fillatre‘s new video from his latest album, Strangers.

View it exclusively on Brad’s Facebook page – follow this link.